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ENPA's 10 Action Points publication

Freedom of expression is at the heart of European democracy and at the core of the newspaper and news media sector. Publishers, editors and journalists defend this freedom in sometimes difficult and dangerous circumstances across Europe and around the world. Independent news reporting acts as a vital safeguard of democratic society, holding to account those in positions of power.

In the course of the next five years, European legislators will have the opportunity to take many decisions which could help to ensure a vibrant and sustainable newspaper and news media sector to the benefit of Europe’s citizens.Policy issues on the EU agenda during this mandate will have a profound effect on the ability of the press to operate and thrive in Europe.

Below, ENPA outlines some of the priority issues affecting the newspaper and news media sector.

ENPA- Representing publishers of news media and newspapers in Europe

Europe is home to a diverse range of newspapers and news media at national, regional and local level. European publishing houses offer a broad menu of professional news, information and entertainment to citizens every day. In doing so, the news media sector plays a unique role in democracy in Europe, stimulating informed debate and promoting engaged citizenship.

ENPA is an international non-profit association, advocating the interests of publishers of newspapers and news media in Europe. ENPA has 32 member associations from the EU Members States, as well as Norway, Switzerland and Serbia. Together its membership represents some 5,200 national, regional and local newspaper titles, published across Europe. More than 150 million print newspapers are sold and read by over 300 million Europeans every day, in addition to the millions of readers of newspapers and news media on digital formats.

A driver of jobs and growth in the European Union, the newspaper and news media publishing sector generated total revenues of €36 billion Euros in 2011. The majority of publishing houses in the news media sector in Europe are SMEs that provide jobs in local communities.

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