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The Newspaper Society

The Newspaper Society is the voice of Britain's regional and local media. It exists to promote newspapers' interests in all political, legal and regulatory matters and to promote their strengths as news and marketing media.

Its services are split into three broad areas: lobbying, marketing and communications.  It provides legal advice and lobbying services to regional newspaper publishers and their staff, and also to the national newspaper, magazine and distribution industries. It promotes local media to national advertisers and agencies.  It holds a series of conferences and seminars and runs the annual Local Newspaper Week.

Britain’s local media is a £4 billion sector delivering trusted, relevant news and information to over 40 million people a week across its print, online and broadcast channels which include 1300 core newspapers, 1100 websites, 750 magazines, 36 radio stations and two television stations. Publishers are harnessing a powerful combination of print and digital to layer their local markets, extend audience reach and deliver ever greater advertiser response.

The NS was founded in 1836 and is believed to be the oldest publishers' association in the world. It is a member of UK Publishing Media, a £22 billion alliance of newspapers, magazines and books.

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