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Publishers call for access to newspapers on tablets for subscribers without restrictive conditions

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Brussels, 7th February, 2011 - The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) today called on technology companies to ensure that newspaper subscribers can continue to enjoy access to news content on tablets and other online services, without any restrictive conditions.

Newspaper publishers spoke out following indications by Apple in many European countries that it may bring in new conditions for both online subscribers to newspapers and also for print subscribers, who have until now enjoyed access to their newspaper on iPad. In future, consumers may only have access to the newspaper of their choice via the iTunes store, where the transaction would be subject to commission.

Moreover, newspaper publishers would no longer have access to important information about the readers of their digital publications.

In a statement, ENPA made the following points:

• Apple’s iPad and other tablet devices offer fantastic potential for the development of newspapers in the digital environment. Publishers today want to provide readers with a range of attractive options, including offers combining access to newspapers online and on tablets, or offers for print subscribers that also allow access to the newspaper on digital formats.

The business model of newspapers is dependent on publishers and editors knowing their readers. It is essential that this close connection is maintained. Without direct access to their subscribers, this vital bond between newspapers and readers would be broken, to the detriment of both.

Newspaper publishers should have freedom of choice of payment systems for their readers and the possibility to negotiate pricing levels for their digital publications.

ENPA Vice-President and chair of Digital Task Force, Mr Valdo Lehari Jr said: “The print edition of a newspaper remains the engine room creating an incredible range of news and informative content. In the current environment, new online and mobile business models often operate in combination with the print edition.”

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